Welcome to Williams Fence

At Williams Fence, we know how to build quality, long-lasting fences. We learned long ago on our farm, that the same amount of labor is necessary whether erecting a fence using long-lasting quality materials or inferior products that degrade quickly. When the right materials and practices are used, a carefree fence can be obtained for less money over the long-haulSandlin rather than the constant care of a cheaper fence. With that in mind, we are constantly searching for higher quality products. Most products and materials are thoroughly tested on our farm and only after withstanding the tests of varied conditions and animals are they sold and installed for customers. To see for yourself, we invite you to visit our farm in Deansboro, New York.


TrailerWhat makes us different than other fence retailers is that we have been building fence both professionally and on our farm for over 30 years. The fencing business began in 1993 solely as a contracting business. Over the past ten years we have honed our skills to become one of the premier agricultural fencing contractors in the state. In 2000, we decided to offer the same products we build to "do-it-yourselfers." In addition to these fine products, we offer the know-how and advise that can save extrordinary time and money. We urge you to come by and see our displays. Our sales staff is available and can provide you with a cost estimate of your fencing requirements. If possible come prepared with a sketch of the property of the area you plan to fence. Please call ahead for an appointment if you wish to have an estimate consultation.


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