Harnessing the sun’s power to fuel our world is a great feat, but as the saying goes, “With great power comes great responsibility.” When it comes to safeguarding your central NY solar field, you need a strong defense to deter intruders and prevent accidental damage from wildlife. At Williams Fence, we have you covered with our state-of-the-art solar fencing designed to keep your Central New York solar field safe and sound. 

What is Central NY Solar Fencing?

As the Central NY region becomes increasingly focused on switching to sustainable energy for powering homes and businesses, the presence of solar fields has greatly increased. Typically located in rural areas, fields of solar panels often require a significant initial investment and are at risk for accidental or intentional damages including theft of the expensive solar panels and electrical equipment. 

Solar fencing is a specially designed type of fencing that protects Central NY solar fields from damage from humans, wandering wildlife, or livestock, while still allowing small animals to pass through as necessary. At Williams Fence, we offer solar fences that are specifically designed to suit their rural environment and prevent shadowing of the solar panels. 

Why Should You Protect Your Central New York Solar Field?

A well-designed and installed solar fence, like the solar fences from our central NY commercial fence company, serves many purposes including security and deterrence against theft and vandalism, protection against environmental hazards and wildlife interference, maintaining safety for personnel and the public, and mitigating risks and liability concerns.

Preventing Vandalism and Theft

A solid Central NY solar fence will deter potential wrongdoers from entering your solar field and causing damage. The expensive, specialized equipment on solar fields can be a target for thieves, and losing equipment can significantly hinder your operations. 

Preventing vandalism is especially important because damage to one solar panel may cause several of your panels to stop working. Solar panel arrays are groups of solar panels that generate electricity as a system and are installed together in a linked manner. Damages to one solar panel may cause a chain reaction that shuts down the other panels in the array, causing costly repairs and maintenance services. 

A high-quality central NY solar fence, made of premier materials that resist any attempts to breach your fence, is a key part of your protection against thieves and vandals. 

Preventing Wildlife Interference

Solar fences are an important factor in protecting solar fields from animals. With solar fences, you can keep livestock, wild animals, and other critters away from valuable equipment and equipment that could become damaged or disrupted due to their presence. 

Solar fields in central New York are typically located in rural areas that are frequented by deer and other wildlife. Additionally, the construction of our solar fences allows small animals, like squirrels and rabbits to pass through without becoming trapped inside. Solar fences are easy to install and provide a long-term solution for managing animals in solar fields. 

Risk and Liability

Having a solar fence in place is imperative for the protection of solar farm equipment and the people who operate on the solar field. A fence not only adds a physical barrier that prevents unwanted visitors from entering the farm, but can also be combined with barbed wire or other measures for an additional level of safety and security. 

Not only will this ensure the safety of staff, but it will also help protect you from being labeled negligent should an accident occur. Installing a solar fence can be a great way to ensure your solar equipment and personnel in Central NY are well protected.

Selecting the Right Central NY Solar Fence

As the top central NY commercial fence company, our experts are here to help you in your journey to installing your perfect solar fence. Here are some of the key features to consider:

Aesthetic Considerations

Many solar fields utilize high-tensile, fixed knot fencing because it acts as a strong barrier without looking out of place in rural areas. While other types of commercial fencing, including chain link, may be considered for solar fences, fixed knot fencing is the gold standard for central New York solar fencing. 

Height Decisions  

Central NY solar fences are key to deterring unwanted human visitors and wildlife from entering, and a taller fence is crucial to keep out this range of unwelcome guests. Solar fencing should be at least 6 feet tall to prevent people from easily climbing over it, but our experts can help you decide on the ideal height for your solar fence.  

Wire and Fence Strength

The key to a solid solar fence is the ability to withstand outside forces. Grazing animals or wildlife may place many pounds of pressure along the fence and high-tensile, fixed-knot fencing is able to withstand these forces. Additionally, a high-tensile wire that is of better quality or a thicker gauge will prevent people from cutting through the fence and making holes. 

Durability of Materials

To protect your solar field for years to come, choose a Central NY commercial fence company that uses premium-quality high-tensile wire in their fences. A high-quality wire will resist corrosion and rusting. Breakdown of the wire can eventually lead to sagging and stretching of the fence and loosening of the connection points. 

Cost-Effective Fencing 

Surrounding large areas, like solar fields, can quickly get expensive, especially when using traditional fencing materials. Fortunately, fixed-knot fencing is one of the most cost-effective fencing materials available. Our solar fences are made of top-quality materials that will not require expensive maintenance or repairs down the line. 

Ready to Work With the Best Central New York Solar Fence Company?

The solar fence experts at Williams Fence would love to have the opportunity to show you why we are one of the most trusted central New York solar fence companies. To get started securing your solar field or to speak with an expert, give us a call at (315) 841-4910 or contact us online. To keep your solar field running safely and efficiently reach out to the foremost solar fence experts in central NY today!