One of the easiest choices you can make for residences and businesses throughout Central New York is making the decision to install a vinyl fence. Not only do vinyl fences add security, privacy and beauty to your property all at the same time, but they are very low maintenance and create a durable border for a lower expense than others. Let’s explore some of the features and options that make vinyl fencing a perfect choice for your needs.


Benefits of Central NY Vinyl Fences

Vinyl Fences are Tough and Long-Lasting

Believe it or not, when it comes to strength and durability, vinyl fences in Central New York are comparable to aluminum and steel. Next to wood fences, vinyl is five times as strong and depending on the style, can mimic the look of wood. When weather becomes a factor, you need a fence that can withstand the harsh elements and last a long time while looking great. Look no further than vinyl fences!


Vinyl Fences Can Last a Lifetime in Central New York

When you have quality vinyl fences installed at your home or business, you can expect it will last a lifetime with very little upkeep or work on your end. Considering high-quality New York vinyl fences will never need to be replaced, the value you receive is hard to compare to other materials. This is an important factor if your family will be living in the house for a long period of time.


The Low Maintenance Features of Vinyl Fencing

Simply put, Central New York vinyl fencing is super easy to clean and maintain. It practically takes care of itself! Usually, even just the occasional rain shower is enough to wash away dirt or debris that may cling to your fence and when it doesn’t completely wash away, a simple spray with your garden hose can finish the job. Now and then, you may find a spot that needs more than water, and if that happens, you still will only need a damp cloth with a little dish soap and water. Voila! Just like that, your vinyl fence looks good as new.

Central New York Vinyl Fences Do Not Deteriorate

The usual “old fence” issues such as rust, erosion, oxidation, and termites will never be a problem when you install vinyl fence. Because vinyl fencing does not absorb water, they are excellent options for damp situations, such as pool enclosures. They won’t blister or peel in wet climates and are not attractive to termites like wood would be. Vinyl fences are a material built to last! 


Vinyl Fences Cannot Chip or Splinter

Unlike other Central New York fences that need to be painted and stained multiple times throughout their lifetime, vinyl fences won’t fade or chip. The way vinyl material is made, the color goes throughout the depth of the fence so no refinishing or painting is ever needed! When you purchase a vinyl fence for your New York property, you can expect it to look practically brand new for the entire life of the fence.


Affordability of Vinyl Fencing in Central New York

Vinyl fencing is often less expensive than metal fencing materials, but it does cost more than wooden fencing and low grade types of plastic. In the long run, vinyl fences are an incredibly cost effective option for your property in Central NY. When you factor in the low maintenance needs and the durability and long lasting look, it’s easy to see how vinyl beats the competition for overall cost for both money and time. 


Vinyl Fences Have Versatility with Style

Another useful feature of vinyl fencing is the variety you can choose from to determine the style you prefer. Styles can go from 3 rail fencing to full privacy panels or spaced picket fences with lots of other design options between them. Though not as versatile as the color options of material like wood, vinyl does have colors to choose from and you’ll be sure to find the right match for your personal Central New York property.


Learn More About Vinyl Fences in Central NY 


With the investment that fencing can be, you also want it to last a lifetime, so it’s important to factor in other significant considerations to make your decision. Everyone’s property and situation is different and choosing the one best fit for your property takes some thought. What are the most important factors for you? The right fence for your property will provide the correct level of strength, openness or privacy and be the most attractive option.  


For more details about the right option for you, visit our Vinyl Fence page on our website and find information and  photos of vinyl fences we have installed in Central NY and the surrounding area.

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