Central New York

Post and Board Fence

3 Rail Post and Board | Post and Board With Mesh

Post and board fences are very popular for Central New York farms and other commercial applications. They include an endless variety of simple designs in which widely spaced square or round posts support several horizontal boards. This type of fence has been around since before the Revolutionary War because of its efficient use of lumber and land, while maintaining a refined appearance.

Posts are spaced every eight feet and typically three or four boards run horizontally between the posts. These fences flow smoothly over hills and gently curve around property lines. Many Central NY property owners absolutely love the profound way these fences showcase a large estate - drawing your guests into your home like no other fence.

There are many ways to finish this type of fence. The most common finishes in Central New York are to either leave your fence a natural wood color or to paint it a bright and distinguishing white. In recent years, black has also been a popular finishing choice for these fences. Whichever you choose, this fencing solution is a great way to enhance your property's appearance and value.

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