Central New York

Split Rail Fence

2 Rail Split Rail Fence | 3 Rail Split Rail Fence | Split Rail Fence With Mesh

Split rail fences are a staple across the Central New York region - bordering the fields and homes as far as they eye can see. This style of fence dates all the way back to the earliest days of American settlers, continuing down through the generations.

Split rail fencing is an easy and popular way to mark your property line without obstructing the view. It is also an economical choice for larger properties that have a lot of acreage to protect. Although it does not work for small animals, split rail fence is useful to enclose large animals and some dogs. It is most commonly used in Central New York for horses and livestock.

At Williams Farm Fence we love the style of split rail fencing. Many of our clients use this style of fencing on their property. We increasingly see many urban customers looking to erect this rustic style fence around their homes. The quality and distinctive design make an excellent boundary for a large backyard garden.

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