One of the top priorities of Central NY home and business owners is to protect their loved ones, pets, and property while still creating an attractive and appealing outdoor space. A simple way to achieve both goals is to install a privacy fence. Williams Fence of Central NY can assist you through each step of your project. With several years of experience, we can help you choose the right materials for your fence, install your privacy fence, and offer guidance with follow-up maintenance. 

Privacy Fencing in Central New York

With so many fence styles available, you may be wondering if privacy fencing is the right option for your yard. You’ll likely have several different needs that you’ll want your new fence to meet, and you may have specific design goals for your fence project. To help you know whether or not privacy fencing is the best option for your Central NY residential fence, we have put together the following list highlighting five benefits of privacy fencing: 

#1: Privacy Fences Offer Protection

If you have kids or pets, a top priority is keeping them safe when they’re playing outside. Providing a secure privacy fence is one way to achieve this. Privacy fencing provides a strong boundary that keeps them from wandering into the street or off of your property. Privacy fences also keep unwanted people or animals out of your yard, which can ease your mind.

Additionally, privacy fencing provides an attractive and effective border for your yard so that you can spend time outside without worrying about being bothered by neighbors. 

#2: Minimize Noise With a Privacy Fence

If you live in a busy neighborhood and are hoping to create a quieter space in your backyard, a privacy fence may be helpful. While you will not be able to completely eliminate the noise, a six or eight-foot privacy fence should help to reduce it, especially if you use a solid material like wood or vinyl. A privacy fence can also help to absorb noise levels from your own parties or gatherings. Being considerate of your neighbors can help to reduce any friction with them, and a privacy fence makes it a bit easier! 

#3: Increase Property Value

Adding a Central NY residential fence can increase your property value and make it more appealing to potential buyers. Many people shopping for a new home want a good-looking, strong fence especially if they have pets or children. Adding a privacy fence can definitely enhance your home and give you an advantage in a competitive market if you ever want to sell. 

#4: Establish Property Boundaries

Installing a privacy fence from a trusted Central NY fence company is a great way to mark your property line and protect your home from unwanted visitors. Remember to check with your homeowner’s association or local county offices for details on what style of fence, color, height, and material you are permitted to install. Some HOAs or towns may have more restrictions than others so verify everything before you install. Communicating with your neighbors about your intended plans is also a kind gesture. Even though it’s not necessary it goes a long way to maintaining good neighbor relationships.  If you have questions or need more guidance, the friendly staff at Williams Fence is here to help. 

#5: Weather Protection with a Privacy Fence

While you can’t completely protect your outdoor belongings from the weather in Central NY, you can offer some protection by installing a privacy fence. A solid privacy fence, like wood or vinyl, acts as a windbreaker and keeps your landscaping, garden plants, and outdoor furniture safe. Depending on the position of your home and fence, a solid fence can also provide shade from the sun. 

Central NY Privacy Fence Options

Once you have seen the benefits of privacy fencing and have chosen that style for your Central NY residential fence, you will need to decide which fence material is best for your project. Residential fencing comes in a broad range of designs, materials, and customization options. As a leading Central NY fence company, we have the following options available: 


Wood Fencing

Wood fences are natural, eco-friendly, and versatile, making them a popular option. Wood fencing is available in several options ranging from traditional to modern designs and can be customized to complement your existing property. It blends well in a rural, natural setting but also looks attractive in urban yards. It is strong, long-lasting, and can be painted or stained in a variety of colors that reflect your personal style. 


Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl fencing is designed to withstand strong winds and extreme weather. Due to its superior design, it will not fade, warp, chip, peel, or rot. One of the best things about vinyl fencing is that it easy to care for. Simply wash with a gentle cleanser and rinse and it will stay looking bright and new for years to come. Durable, long-lasting, and strong, it consistently remains a favorite with our clients. 


Chain Link Fencing

You may not think of chain link fencing as a privacy fence option, but there are inserts that can be woven into the mesh fabric of the fence, allowing for partial privacy. While it may not offer complete seclusion, it is still an excellent option to keep others from wandering onto your property. Created from strong galvanized steel, it’s extremely durable, affordable, and low maintenance. 

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