Protecting and containing livestock or crops is an essential element of farming in Central NY. Without dependable, strong fencing, this would be an impossible task. Williams Fence of Central N.Y. has extensive experience and provides a wide selection of farm fences so that you can rest easy knowing that your animals are safe and secure. There are many types of farm fencing available and each type has its own benefits and limitations. Keep reading to learn more about farm fencing and to discover which Central NY farm fence is the best for your specific needs. 

Strength and Durability of a Central NY Farm Fence

Farm fencing must be exceptionally durable and strong in order to effectively meet the demands placed upon it. All fences are only as strong as the materials they are made from, so here are a few ways we ensure that your fence will perform as needed. 

High-Quality Materials

There are many fence companies that use cheap, poor-quality materials to construct their fences. We are not one of those companies! We make sure to use high-grade posts, hardware, and material so that you can rest easy knowing that your fence will remain strong and functional for as long as possible.

Choose the Right Fence for Your Needs

We offer several different options for farm fencing. Each type of farm fencing available has its own strengths and limitations. Our trusted team of experienced fence installers can guide you through the process to ensure that you choose the right fence for the job. 

High-Grade Hardware 

Another way that discount contractors cut corners is by using cheap hardware to secure pickets and rails. This compromises the integrity of the fence and negatively impacts its strength, durability, and functionality. We only use high-grade, exterior-grade hardware on our fences, making sure that you get the best quality. 

So are farm fences durable and strong? It depends! If you use Williams Fence, we can assure you that our use of high-quality products and unwavering commitment to excellence means your fence will last for a long time. If you choose another contractor and try to save a few bucks, there’s no guarantee! 

Top Styles of Central NY Farm Fences 

One of the greatest attractions of farm fencing is its ability to be customized. Natural, eco-friendly, and available in many different styles, wood fencing remains at the top of our customers’ lists. Here are some styles we offer: 

Photo of electrobraid farm fence in Central NY

ElectroBraid™ Fence

ElectroBraid™ electric fencing is a permanent electric fence designed to contain livestock. It is also available in temporary or portable fencing to secure horses, cows, sheep, and other livestock. In addition to keeping livestock from escaping, it also deters wild animals from entering the area where the livestock are secured. 

Photo of high tensile farm fence in Central NY

High-Tensile Fence

High-tensile fencing is constructed of high-carbon steel wire strands. It is an economical, durable alternative to barbed wire and is also safer for livestock than barbed wire. High-tensile fencing is available in various thicknesses and strengths, making it suitable for many types of livestock. Simply choose the strength that is right for the size of your animals and you’ll have a safe, secure fence. 

Photo of post and board farm fence in Central NY

Post and Board Fence

Post and board fences are traditional and have been used for centuries. Available in 3 or 4 rail options, post and board fences add an attractive border to any property. If the fence needs to be functional for smaller animals, wire mesh can be added for an additional level of security. 

Photo of split rail farm fence in Central NY

Split Rail Fence

Split rail fencing is an economical choice and works well for large properties that have a lot of acreage that needs to be fenced in. It’s an attractive and cost-effective way to clearly mark your property borders without obstructing the view. 

Farm Fencing From a Trusted Central NY Fence Company

Visit our agricultural fences page or our photo gallery on our website to see what we have available to you. You can visit our fence page to take a look at the other fence types we offer and determine which fence is best for your needs. 

Williams Fence is a trusted Central NY fence company and has over 35 years of experience. Check out our photo gallery or our farm fencing page on our website to get more information and inspiration. 

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