Commercial fences serve many useful purposes for a business in Central New York. In many cases, adding commercial fencing is an effective way for improving your relationship with both clients and customers, which is an important piece of your company’s success. Let’s take a look at some of the ways commercial fencing can benefit your business. 

A Customer’s First Impression

A store’s appearance and atmosphere can play a big role in its success. Customers not only care about how a store looks and feels, but they’re also likely to make purchasing decisions based on the appearance of the establishments they visit. If you want to make more sales, attract new customers, and retain existing ones, then ensuring the exterior of your commercial property looks great will help. 


When a client or customer walks up to your business, you want to make the best first impression possible and a great exterior appearance is your first chance to impress them. A good-looking commercial fence in great shape shows your customers that you take care of your business which in turn gives them the impression that you will take care of them. 


We’ve all heard the saying that people judge a book by its cover, and they will likely judge a store by its appearance.

Controlled Access for Safety

As a responsible business owner, you’ll want to protect the welfare of every person who steps onto your property. This includes customers, employees, independent contractors, and more. As such, you need to take the necessary measures to make sure these people are safe.


By using a fence to restrict certain parts of your business property, you can ensure a customer doesn’t wander into an area that is either not safe for them or that can lead them to an area that isn’t where they intended to go. A Central NY commercial fence can keep guests away from areas that are off-limits and restrict  access to areas they may not realize pose a potential danger like getting too close to certain equipment, or even animals, if you have a farm or horse stables.

Secure Your Equipment and Goods

Depending on your business and the size of your building, you may not have enough room indoors to store all of your products, materials, equipment, or machinery. In this case, you have two options. You can either pay for off-site storage every month or hire a Central NY commercial fence company so you can store your assets on-site. You want your business to look professional and be inviting to your customers and clients. This can be accomplished by choosing fencing materials that complement your building, grounds, and surrounding areas. There are many commercial fence options that not only add curb appeal but can be used to hide warehouses or other buildings on your property that are not meant to be attractive.

Popular Types of Central NY Commercial Fence

Williams Fence is here to help you decide which type of fence will be perfect for your business. You can take a look at many styles of Central NY Commercial Fence  that will fit your particular needs and budget on our website. If your fence is built by a reputable NY fence company with quality materials and is maintained properly, it will be a true asset to your business.

Vinyl Central NY Commercial Fencing

Vinyl commercial fencing offers the look of wood fencing but is a low-maintenance alternative, and is available in traditional “privacy style” fence panels, making it a great option for businesses and commercial properties that require privacy and security. Vinyl fencing withstands a variety of climates and is well suited to properties in the Central NY area. Vinyl fencing has a clean and neat appearance and will look great for many years due to its longevity and durability.

Aluminum Fencing in Central New York

Aluminum commercial fencing is an elegant and virtually maintenance-free option that creates the upscale, classic appearance of wrought iron fencing but without the upkeep,  It’s a great choice for a fence that creates a border with lots of strength. While an aluminum fence will not give you a significant amount of privacy for your business, it’s an excellent choice for protecting and beautifying your property.

Chain Link Fencing in Central New York

Chain link fence options in Central New York provide convenience and strength for a quick and easy way to safeguard your business at a relatively lower cost than other materials. This can make chain link fences ideal for businesses on a budget, and/or it can be good for those that have a large property to fence in. While functionality takes precedence over looks with traditional chain link fencing, there are several options to upgrade the look, and even durability, of your fence. You can expect your chain link fence to last upwards of 20 years, especially if you choose our PVC coating.

Wood Fencing Options for Central New York

For great farm fencing, our wood fencing is an excellent choice for your property. One of the greatest characteristics of wood is its adaptability and low cost in comparison to other materials. Wood fences can be customized in height and design based on how closed or open you want your farm fence. They can withstand Central New York weather while still providing a classic and natural appearance that blends in perfectly with any setting or style of business or farm property. Wood fencing options do require a bit more maintenance than other types of fencing but they are durable and are the standard for farm fencing in many situations across the Central New York area.


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Regardless of the type of fence you choose for your business or commercial property, you’ll want to make sure you work with a Central NY commercial fence company that uses quality materials and provides expert installation so you will get the most value from your fence. At Williams Fence, you’ll get those high standards from us! You can contact us on our website or call us today at (315) 841-4910 for answers to your questions so you can get started on your project plans. Experience the Williams Fence difference for yourself!