Winter in Central New York is a great time to have a fence installed. Surprised? Don’t be! There are a few key differences with scheduling an installation with a great NY fence company in winter versus spring or summer, but it is always a good idea. In this article, we will explore some of the pros and cons and then the choice is up to you!

5 Reasons to Install Fencing in Winter in Central New York

It’s true that many people think winter is a bad idea to start a fence project in Central New York, but think again! While there can be challenges that specifically come from cold, winter months, there are a lot of good reasons it could possibly be the best idea you’ve had all year! Here’s our favorite key points why winter is a good time to reach out to your favorite Central New York fence company right now. 

Multiple Ways to Save Time and Money

Because winter is commonly a slower time for Central New York fence companies and even fence manufacturers, it is possible that you could get overstock fence materials for a little less and even just save on shipping times and shipping costs due to a lower pressure of demand. It’s never a guarantee, but it’s always worth asking your Central NY fence company if there are options to give you more savings that will already fit what you are looking for.

Schedule a Fence Installation Fast

Many times in Central New York, scheduling a fence installation may mean waiting a month or two. It always depends on the fence company’s schedule and how many jobs have already been scheduled before yours. During winter months, it’s usually easier to get on the schedule faster because the majority of homeowners aren’t thinking about updating their outdoor yard while they’re spending most of their time indoors. Take advantage of the winter season and plan ahead! Having your fence installed before all of the beautiful spring days will give you the ability to enjoy your finished yard and landscaping as soon as the weather shifts.


Another aspect of faster scheduling during winter in Central New York is cutting your time for permitting processes. Always check with your local municipality to find out what their permitting process requires, or call our friendly NY fence company staff who can help. In the slower construction seasons, less permits being applied for means less time it will take yours to be approved.


No Waiting to Make Fence Repairs

For those who think fences can’t be replaced in winter, they may be sitting on an old, damaged fence that has too many holes to let the dog out to play safely or it may just be a major eye sore. Either way, don’t wait to get your new fence project going! When you install a fence during the Central New York winter, your project will be done before everyone else is just starting to plan theirs. Don’t wait to refresh and renew your property fence.

Protect your Landscaping at your Central NY Home

In Central New York, when winter arrives, your beautiful green landscaping turns dormant, allowing your yard to be excavated for a fence or other modifications, and your landscaping may be pruned or relocated without doing long-term harm to the plants. Working on your yard throughout the winter months is a terrific way to prepare your yard for the upcoming Spring months when the flowers begin blooming. If you want to add extra plants in the future, installing a fence now will give you the perfect preparation to be ready as soon as the weather warms.

Get Ready for Outdoor Activities in Central New York

Installing fences in Central New York throughout the winter will have you set for all of your upcoming summer entertaining and outdoor activities. As soon as the weather warms up, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy the finished area with friends and family, or even just your own household. The last thing anybody wants is to have to wait for landscaping and the ground to settle before hosting a party in the backyard for friends and family over a holiday. Make your arrangements now and have your fence put up in the winter to eliminate future headaches.

Maintain your Winter Fence in Central New York

You need to know how to best care for your fence in the winter months of Central New York, when there is a lot of snow and ice around your property. With wood fences, maintenance begins before winter hits with sealing them and making sure they are secure. For aluminum fences or chain link fences, no real maintenance is needed, and the strength of the metal holds up very well to the winter cold. Vinyl fences, though very durable, can become a little more susceptible to cracking due to brittleness that can develop in extreme cases. To take the best care of your vinyl fence, avoid any heavy contact with the fence directly from shovels or throwing things and even piling snow up against the fence. Blowing snow away from your fence as much as possible can help prevent any unnecessary strain.

Williams Fence Has Your Expert Winter Fence Tips!

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